Why Hire a Travel Companion?

A lot of folks travel. Many feel they can research their own trip, book the trip and take themselves on their desired trip.

Can everyone do that? No.

Some folks have anxiety about traveling. Maybe they are anxious because they do not travel often or maybe they are nervous to fly.

Age can play a factor in the ability to fly. Maybe the person that needs to travel is young. An unaccompanied minor happens on flights and the airlines track them and make sure the minor is safe. I have seen this on flights. But no one is interacting with the child, no one is making sure they have what they need or simply entertaining them.  The elderly need assistance with travel. Maybe it is a physical limitation, slight dementia, not being comfortable with travel, or simply lonely.

Physical ability, no matter the age, can easily limit a person’s ability to travel alone. This really is indisputable. The airlines offer assistance but this is limited to the airport only. What about the hotel, getting to the hotel, or tours to see the sites on the trip?

Hiring a professional, respected, and experienced travel companion will allow you to have less anxiety about travel, and the knowledge you will be in great hands.  Can friends or family offer you this? Most friends or family will not work with you on your needs, requests, or rank what you want first before what they want from the trip. A hired travel companion with a nursing background will give you the peace of mind that all your needs will be taken care of. Would friends really what to help you to the bathroom or to bath you?

Whether you’re a senior traveler, a person with a disability, someone with travel anxiety, or just someone who prefers not to travel alone, AlidaLee RN travel companion can help make your trip possible, safe, and enjoyable.