Hire a travel companion to help enjoy life after a stroke

May is stroke awareness month. My first nursing job was in neuro-neurosurgery so a fitting FIRST topic for my business blog.

Someone is having a stroke every 40 seconds. That means EVERYONE knows someone that has had a stroke.  Stroke is a leading cause of long term disability – 90% of stroke victims will have some type of impairment afterwards.  For more, review: CDC Article on Stroke Facts


The main steps everyone can take to prevent a stroke are to have regular exams and look at your lifestyle impacts. Control any medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Smoking, drinking, being inactive and over eating are all lifestyle behaviors that have a BIG impact.  Hindsight is 20/20, right?


The quicker to spot a stroke and get that person help, the better the outcome. Not much else to say, do not ignore these signs. BE FAST!


I highly recommend all to review the information on Stroke Recovery Foundation. You will learn a lot but I like their focus on life after the stroke.  Life is not always fair, medical emergencies and accidents happen.  A new normal will emerge.


You can continue to have a great quality of life and include travel in that new norm.  After the stroke the recovery and the rehab will start. To some degree you will have to always work on the “new you” to have the best mobility and speech improvement you can. This of course affects your spouse and family so it will be a “new us”. Part of getting back out there is figuring out how to join in the joys of life.  Attend the family wedding or travel to the dream vacation.

I am here to help! I will assist you to safely attend the family event, relocate or go on the epic vacation. Call me. We can review you needs, your requested trip and your budget.  I will work up a trip plan to get you safely to your destination. I have a passion for nursing – helping others and to travel. I have been doing both for many years and everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of travel. Travel has been known to IMPROVE your health and help us be more open minded, accepting of others. Travel helps us be connected to family, to be present for them. Read World Packers article.