A Summary of Trip Experiences

I wanted to take time to perform a quick review of the amazing clients I have met.  I want to be able to review past clients but I will try to be vague on details for the sole reason for privacy. Each client has agreed to pictures being taken...

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Why Hire a Travel Companion?

A lot of folks travel. Many feel they can research their own trip, book the trip and take themselves on their desired trip. Can everyone do that? No. Some folks have anxiety about traveling. Maybe they are anxious because they do not travel often or...

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Hire a travel companion to help enjoy life after a stroke

May is stroke awareness month. My first nursing job was in neuro-neurosurgery so a fitting FIRST topic for my business blog. Someone is having a stroke every 40 seconds. That means EVERYONE knows someone that has had a stroke.  Stroke is a...

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