A Summary of Trip Experiences

I wanted to take time to perform a quick review of the amazing clients I have met.

 I want to be able to review past clients but I will try to be vague on details for the sole reason for privacy. Each client has agreed to pictures being taken during our trip and agreed to a testimonial. I still do not want to give out private details, but want to give everyone an idea of the lovely clients I have worked with so far.

I helped a dear elderly couple safely get a loved one from their second home back to the primary home location. Alone with the flights and private car rental, I also assisted in arranging skilled care services for my sweet client when we arrived at the independent living environment until the spouse could arrive. The non-verbal client really bonded with me in such a short time together and was a hoot in the airport. Folks around us learned quickly not to leave boarding passes in their back pockets as my elderly client had very quick fingers!

I enjoyed helping a client relocate back to their home country. That trip provided opportunities to make sudden shifts in plans and decisions on the fly. Not the way I usually like to travel, but by being adaptable and quick thinking it kept us both on track with the overall plan and safe.

Family events:
I was able to help a client with mobility and ADL’s (activity of daily living) needs enjoy a 4-day trip to the old homestead for a family reunion. The family was great to have most of the get together at the hotel. 

I love helping clients go to weddings. No one with mobility or mental challenges wants to be forgotten in the assisted living facilities and then miss out on family milestones. Kudo’s to the family members making it possible to get all the loved ones to the important events. The clients enjoy planning the outfits and look forward to seeing family members they have not seen in a while. I mean, who doesn’t love a wedding?  

If you love to travel, you will have a lifelong love of travel. If you lose the ability to travel on your own, it is a major loss. I love helping clients to be able to still travel, but safely. I have to think out of the box and adapt their plan sometimes to still give them the relaxing trip they want. One client had a lot of medical needs and assistance needed but I was able to find a second person to help out. We all enjoyed our time together and worked well together to make the trip what the client desired.  Now that almost included an adventure helicopter ride with no doors! I would have done that with the client but I am not too sorry that did not work out, at least this time.

Home stay:
 I have stayed at the home with a client to be the full time care giver and give the primary one a break. This was not something I thought I would do, but I did enjoy it. What a kind soul my client has. No complaints about my cooking only complaint was we spent too much time with exercises! Now, my enforcing the exercises was helpful. The client now can stand and pivot (a skill once lost really can cause you to be house bound) and has gotten to the car to take drives again. I like to think I helped them on a good path to improve his mobility. 

I enjoy staying in contact with past clients and all my clients have talked about another trip and I would gladly to help them out.


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